From puppies mouths to word-of-mouth

Puppies love to chew anything. They especially love to chew things that smell like you. That’s why shoes and eyeglasses are a big target for them. It may seem like our K9 companions are out to get us when they chew up our favorite pair of shoes or mangle the temples of that frame we adore, but something we wear everyday becomes part of us, and they love us.

The number of guests that have come in recently with PRI’s (puppy related incidents) have been great for business! Each purchased new pairs, all vowing to keep them out of the reach of said puppy. To help get them by until the new pair was ready I did a bit of modification to the temples to get them back in wearable condition. By trimming the acetate off of the metal cores I was able to slip on some temple covers. The joint where the zyl and the cover meet can tug at the hair so I tapered the corners down for a smoother transition (and less hair pulling). 

Whenever I dispense a pair that has suffered from a PRI I always have some dog biscuits ready. Depending on the guest I will either give it to them with a 'dog biscuits are cheaper' line or more of a 'thanking the dog for the business' bit. It adds a bit of humor to the situation but I also believe it gives it that kind of personal touch that stays with the guest. It's those type of things that help drive your word of mouth advertising, which in my opinion is the best kind.