Adventures in Legoland

I have to admit, I LOVE coming up with different designs of custom eyewear. Earlier this year I was trying to get into a local art fair to feature my work so hopefully I could spend more time being creative. Over my years in the industry I have made a number of pairs that would qualify as art, but I wanted to out-do anything I had ever done before. I don't recall how the idea came to me but right away I knew I was on to something... I mean come on... who doesn't love LEGOS??!!??

Getting from idea to final product is always more difficult than it first appears. After finally figuring out how to trick my edger to mill out the lens so I could snap a LEGO brick on it I soon realized it wasn't going to be secure enough. I took my prototype out to the Mall of America to visit the LEGO store to get some ideas. Three hours and a couple hundred dollars later I left with a game plan... and more LEGOs (I didn't really need more LEGOs to make the modifications, they were just cool :) What came from the brainstorming session was that I needed to be able to be able to stack the bricks both on the front AND the back. The only problem is the back of a prescription lens is not flat. After busting out my dremel to create a backside shelf I was able to fool my edger once again, drilling the back of the lens so a brick would snap in. 

Now that I could secure the lens from both the front and the back I had my second prototype. Everything held together well, but the hand work on the shelf wasn't the cleanest look. I had to find a way to control how thick the lens would end up. I called Peter from Identity Optical and explained what I was trying to do. He had a couple of ideas but because it wasn't the run of the mill request he would have to play around with his generators to see if he could do it. A few days later he called me with a plan... a modified myodisc. It took a couple of tries to narrow down exactly what I needed but the result was a set of lenses perfect for mounting into the LEGO glasses.

It's nice to have a lab you can call that will go above and beyond to get you what you need. A big thank you to Peter and the staff at Identity Optical for helping me to create another awesome pair of custom spectacles to add to my collection!