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When It Happens to You


In life, it seems there is no better way to have my perception of an issue adjusted, than by going through said experience myself.  I have also encountered many instances during my optical years of really "getting" where a patient is coming from, when the same experience happens to me - be it a vision, lens design, frame choice, product amazement or let down, insurance, customer service or personal life issue.  It is a great 'eye-opener' every time, and helps me see things from the other side of the dispensing table.  I like that.  It helps me to dispense in a more empathetic way and to be more knowledgeable in a "first-hand-experience" way.

I am going through such an experience at this time.  For months I have been suffering from digital eye strain and also the harmful effects of damaging blue light over-exposure!  Nasty stuff, but as a  believer in "there are no coincidences" I am suddenly so aware of these afflictions and the solutions being brought to the table!  Everywhere I look I am seeing informative articles regarding the actual potential of damage to our eyes, our sleep disruption and the vast array of problems associated with both. 

I am also feeling nearly bombarded with the onslaught of products and the varying degrees of effectiveness and ways that they provide solutions to this very wide-spread problem, seemingly a global health epidemic!  Add to that the project of investigating which of these products is actually available to me through WALMAN OPTICAL, my awesome lab of choice, and also just which products are compatible with which lens manufacturers, and then figuring out how they might fit into one of the great money-saving digital lens packages offered, all-the-while just burning my poor eyes out while I am up late performing my investigation on my digital device. I have now learned I am suppressing the melatonin my body is producing in its natural cycle of trying to get me to sleep and to keep me asleep, the full night through!

This whole digital eyestrain and the damaging blue light effects, is personally a compound and complex issue!  It brings to mind that I am working too much!  But as the solo owner and operator of a new optical business, I cannot 'see' a way out of work overload.  It seems there is just not enough time in the day to do what needs to be done by me.  Day in, day out, I wake up (usually with far less sleep than I should be getting) and gulp as I realize that again, just by waking up, the "race" with the clock is on!  Of course, over the weeks, months and, now, years of living in this manner, it has brought on my share of the anxiety and sometimes depression of feeling perpetually overwhelmed and pretty much run-ragged by it all.  Yet, with my burning eyes and foggy vision, my headaches and neck aches, as I read on about digital eyestrain/computer vision syndrome and the damaging effects of blue light over-exposure as I work into the wee hours, I am putting together the puzzle of my own varied complaints and seeing how it all fits together - no doubt that is what I am suffering - it is happening to me!

So, like a good soldier, I keep marching on to that impossible daily rhythm, but there has now been the necessary shift from problem into solution, and the hope that comes with it.  Resultant of my blue light protection queries to my lab, I received a voucher (don't we just love 'em) for a complimentary pair of BLUTECH lenses.  I decided to have the BluTech made up in a pair of variable focus digital computer lenses, so I treated myself to the same process I would provide my favorite client in my shop! 

Considering my needs and uses for these lenses (great focus at varying intermediate-to-near focal lengths, long hours of work requiring frame comfort as well as a full lens size for complete protection) I shopped my lines of beautiful eyewear frames.  At first I was thinking I would just use one of my slow-movers, but then thought, No!  I want to enjoy the beauty and comfort of one of my favorites!  What fun.  I settled on a beautiful handmade-in-America marbled teal acetate frame from my brand new KALA line found at SILMO Paris.

A few days ago I received my order in record-breaking time, thank God, as my eyes so needed the relief. With great hope and anticipation I started wearing them and felt immediate relief just looking through this pigmented pale golden brown BluTech lens!  Though it would not have been my lens color of choice, ( cosmetically I am a 'Winter', choosing cool tones, after all!), life looks brighter and warmer, my eyes have become far more relaxed, I have the security of feeling protected from harmful blue light emission, and I find I am wearing them almost continually, except for driving (which if I had my distance RX in them, these lenses would be beautiful for night driving with their high contrast and brightening effects!). 

I also enjoy the blue light deflecting benefits of CRIZAL PREVENCIA  anti-reflective on other pieces of my eyewear, providing me some protection all the time, but for hours of computer work, you can bet I will have my BluTech lenses in my KALA frame in front of my eyes!  Armed with lots of BluTech brochures and demo goodies provided by Walman, coupled with the first-hand experience of "when it happens to you", I will now be confidently recommending and dispensing BluTech to protect my clients eyes!

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