Um....where are your shades dude? [Tracy Mast]

At Smoke Vision Care we are very passionate about UV protection, it's our thing I guess you could say. That being said every staffer is pretty much required to have awesome shades, and they must also wear them. My non SVC friends always joke about how the "SVC girls" always are out having fun, and posting cool pic with their cool shades. I have to admit as one of the buyers it makes me feel pretty good when the girls run back to the optical lab to see what we got in. Watching them swoon over the latest suns is defiantly an ego booster. 

All jokes aside I think we are ambassadors of UV protection. People in our community see us out and always complement on our sunglasses, we even have patients who come in and want Valerie's new pair, or, 'you know the ones Abby was wearing at the last Round Barn Winery Party'. The community seeing us in our suns defiantly makes them realize not only how important UV protection is for their vision, but also how stylish suns can be.

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