Team Building: Smoke Vision Care Style

Recently our primary lab Twin City Optical, and our Doctors took us on a Team Building and Educational Outing to Northern Michigan, Traverse City to be exact. We had the opportunity to tour the area, enjoy the Cherry Festival, and the beauty of the entire area. Twin City was nice enough to welcome us into the lab with a full lab tour, and even go over how their system works so we could use that knowledge to streamline on our end to better help them. Along all of the learning we had a chance to hang out together and make memories that truly have made us an even stronger team. Upon arrival back at the office the time away had really made a huge difference, especially in our newer team members. They were much more relaxed and seemed to really start to shine. I would truly recommend to every office to do an outing together, make it educational, but leave time for some fun, and team building. Getting to know the people you spend most of your time with away from the office can make the life inside the office much smoother when you can all learn to enjoy each other's company, and have a laugh or two together.