Ogi Eyewear Field Trip [Tim Slapnicher]

On a typical overcast November day in Minnesota, DailyOptician visited Ogi Eyewear headquarters where our experience was anything but ordinary.

Known for their compelling Ogi eyewear, stunning Seraphin vintage pieces, lighter-than-air Innotec frames, stylish Scojo New York readers, and newer lines (bon vivant Eyewear and re-released Red Rose) we knew we would be viewing their timeless eyewear collections, which speak for themselves.

Aside from the eyewear, what really stood out to us was what an amazing work/team culture that has been established at their Minneapolis headquarters. Founder and lead designer, David Spencer, has focused on creating an open-space work environment where passion and team culture has taken priority in establishing a brand adored by opticians all over the globe.

We encountered warmth and smiles from focused individuals eager to share how they are doing their part to create a special brand story, one that has resonated with opticians selling their product. They blend their passion for fashion trends along with careful analytics to support accounts. The feedback from their accounts is taken seriously. Their goal? To help accounts be more successful and profitable with Ogi Eyewear and frame collections.

This environment, where team members actually look forward to going to work, supports their drive to create a space where enthusiastic and passionate professionals can be creative and thrive. Team member ideas and opinions are valued and listened to. And, to top it off, team members are genuine and super cool people that you’d want to hang out with.

The eyewear speaks for itself but the environment they have created is a huge part of it's story. CEO Joseph Tallier has big visions for the future of Ogi Eyewear. We can’t wait for what’s to come!

As for the Ogi team…can’t say enough about you all. What a cool experience for us and what a cool place to visit.

Learn all about Ogi Eyewear at ogieyewear.com

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