It's All About The Presentation

When a guest comes back to pick up their new eyewear it's a great time to reinforce the sale. One of the ways we do this is by using a fashionable dispensing tray when we bring out their eyeglasses. Taking a few moments to present them more like jewelry helps to increase the perceived value to the patient, which in turn will lead to more repeat business. With the vast number of online retailers popping up it's becoming more and more important to wow your customers. One of my mentors would always tell me "You can get stuff anywhere, the way to differentiate yourself is with the service and support of the products you sell"

I challenge all the independents to step up their dispensing game and ditch the dirty, utilitarian job trays and start utilizing a presentation tray. Let's show the people the value of buying from a local brick & mortar shop by giving them service you can't get from them online retailers!


SalesTim SlapnicherComment