How To Write An Effective Mission Statement?

Do You Have A Mission Statement? Is it memorable and authentic to your values? If your answer is no then this post is for you.    

Your mission statement is the reason you do what you do. Thousands of other companies sell eyewear and provide eye care, but you offer something unique and your mission statement describes that.

It clearly communicates in one single coherent message what your purpose is to everyone on your team, to your clients, and to the world. It helps everyone stay focused and acts as a guiding light for everything that you do. 

According to the paper “Why? In 8 Words or Less - Defining Why We Play” from, a mission statement can be structured in a very simple way.  It should consist of the following formula: verb + target + outcome. 

A simple example I just thought of might be Provide (verb) our patients (target) with premium eye care (outcome). 

Your mission statement does not have to be long and complicated.  In fact it is better if it is short and to the point.  It should ideally be able to fit into a tweet, which caps out at only 140 characters. 

At Hicks Brunson Eyewear our mission is to Give our clients enhanced confidence through the craft of opticianry.  

Now I will show you how to create one in just a few easy steps.  Begin by brainstorming words for your verb.  Then brainstorm words for your target, followed by your outcome.  Once you have some groups of words for each you can narrow down to the three best words that describe your mission.  Then work on formulating a sentence with those words. 

Prepare to spend some time on this and remember to be authentic.  A well-written mission statement will be like a guiding light through the trials and triumphs on the journey to optical excellence.