Going Above and Beyond!!!!

Hello Optical Family! Okay I am in school. About to get my B.S. Liberal Studies. This semester I took Retail Management. I had to do a paper on Customer Service. What is it? Well, Customer Service is; The set of activities and programs in taken by retailers to make the shopping experience more rewarding for their customers. These activities increase the value customers receive from the merchandise and service they purchased. You see, good service keeps customers/patients returning to us and it generates positive word-of-mouth communication, which in return attracts new customers/patients. 

A few weeks ago I had a patient named Darold. He purchased glasses (first time PAL) with Crizal Prevencia ARC, Transitions (Gray). Had a great time assisting him and also improving his life. My patient got sick and he couldn't make it to pick up his glasses. In fact, he informed me that he wouldn't be able to pick his glasses up until months later. I took it upon myself and personally delivered his new glasses to his house on a Sunday morning. He lives about 70 miles from my location but he NEEDED his glasses and I felt a need to deliver them to him. You see, that's called Above and Beyond Customer Service. He was ecstatic and completely overjoyed. He could see clearly! He could see perfectly! I smiled that day. I am a Above and Beyond Optician! So I challenge all Opticians to go above and beyond whenever opportunity permits. Happy selling! 

Mr. David Butler, ABOC,CPO

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