Goal Setting

As the year is winding down, I am starting to think about my goals for next year. Research took me to an article by Craig Harper on Goal Setting. Two paragraphs really hit home with me.

Our Real Goals

In Personal Development-speak we are always talking about goals, outcomes, success, desires and dreams. In other words, all the stuff we want to do, achieve and create in our world. And while it’s important for us to know what we want to achieve (our goal), it’s also important for us to understand why we want to achieve it; the reason behind the goal or some would say, our real goal.

What We Don’t Need

Nobody needs a mansion or a sport’s car but we all need love. Nobody needs massive pecs, six percent body-fat, a face lift or bigger breasts but we all need connection, acceptance and understanding. Nobody needs to be famous but we all need peace, calm, balance and happiness. The problem is, we live in a culture which teaches that one equals the other. If only we lived in a culture which taught that real success is far more about what’s happening in our internal environment, than our external one.

My business has taken a big leap forward this year and I would like to keep it going, set some goals, implement what I know about business development and move forward one step at a time with consistency and persistence. Craig Harper has reminded me that the “Why” behind my goals is most important.

  • While I like money and the comfort it provides, it is more important for me to know that I can make a difference for my clients.
  • It is more important for me to know that I bring hope to my clients than signing a two-year contract.
  • My family’s safety and security means a lot to me and making honorable, value-based, ethical business decisions will always be at the root of my goal setting and decision making.

It feels good to have clarity on what is important to me. How about you? What drives your business decisions, your goal setting?