Elevate Our Profession [Andrew S. Bruce]

During our day to day activities, especially during those chaotic times we all know very well, it is easy to become complacent and take short cuts. Remember, we as opticians play an important role in the eye care field; we are a crucial link in the chain. We are the ones who put all the pieces of the metaphorical puzzle together and make them fit, perfectly. Our patients are only going to enjoy the maximum benefits of the eyeglass prescription if we fulfill our role and responsibilities to the best of our abilities. Take the time to discuss the patient's needs and daily visual demands, evaluate the prescription, and then design their eye wear using the most appropriate frame, lens materials, and lens treatments.

When dispensing the finished eye wear, take the time to fit them perfectly. How often do you hear, "I went to one eyeglass place and they just gave me my glasses without taking the time to fit them"? Don't be that "eyeglass place." Let's raise the bar. Let's increase public awareness of the value of a skilled and conscientious optician. Show your patients what a difference it makes to deal with a knowledgeable, skilled, and detailed optician. By doing so, we will increase our credibility and value across the board, increase our worth to employers, and potentially, increase our salaries!

Most importantly, patients are going to leave happier and will be more likely to return to you. Obviously, there are always going to be non-adapts and Rx problems, but they should be less frequent. So, although it may take more time initially, it should ultimately save time by not having to frequently problem solve glasses that don't work. Besides anything else, it is both frustrating and disappointing for the patient, not getting the results they were hoping for. It definitely reflects poorly on the practice, the doctor, and the optician.

I have always been a fan of competition; I feel it keeps you on your toes, and makes sure you're always striving to provide the very best in service and care. With all the competition in today's eye care field, especially with the increase in online eyewear sales, we must always give the patient the personalized care and attention they can only get from a true eye care professional. The care and attention they should come to expect from all opticians; something they can't get from a computer!

Andrew Bruce, LDO, ABOM