Developing Passions

So time flies by and before I know it I'm completing the first year of the of the Ophthalmic Dispensing course at City & Islington college and its been an experience, not only have I met some great people from within the industry, but I have also got a new found understanding of what my newly chosen career path will look like. For the first time ever I'm meeting other people who want to be professionals from other companies around the country and its giving me an insight to how they operate, not knowing this at the time but this will end up shaping me more for the future than I could ever imagine. Back in practice we could all have moments of brilliance and enthusiasm but the energy in the college lecture halls and cafe at lunch was unrivaled. There was defiantly something in this learning and development idea. 

At the time I was employed with Boots Opticians and was totally a company boy, singing their praises as they had given me access to a vocation that I was falling in love with, what was interesting was how everyone who was at college felt equally as passionately as I did about their employers, I think this is when I saw first hand the benefit of additional learning and development, as it would have been impossible to put monetary value on this as it went deeper as the people around me who I now considered as friends were working for something bigger than just the pound notes, they were working for their future and some of these trainees could and would  be the future movers and shakers of our industry. 

Who knew what the future held, but it was our future to take and make of it what we wanted.