Daily Inspiration

Take a second and think about your morning (or afternoon!). Most of us have a routine – did you follow yours? Did it start with a run and a hearty breakfast? Or did it begin at full sprint dressing your kids and getting them out the door while struggling to make it to work on time? Whatever your schedule, there is some semblance of routine built into our day, even if it is chaotic. People are, after all, creatures of habit.

A similar routine takes place at work in the morning: coffee and equipment on; quick meeting and review of the day including patient and staff schedules; prepare boxes to ship to labs. Being a little overambitious, and needing 5 minutes of me time before the ensuing chaos, I enjoy making tea and reading the daily blogs posted on #DailyOptician. The articles I read help jump start my day, and my brain. This helps keep me inspired and provides a welcome break from the routine. This is me celebrating my 1 year anniversary as a part of #DailyOptician, and cheers everyone! Thanks for keeping me motivated and inspired!