Covalent Careers [Michael Bullard]

What is Covalent Careers?

In the optical industry when you are in need for a new team member, the thought of finding and hiring that perfect person can be very daunting. We have all tried placing an ad via craigslist or networking sites but the outcome is always an inbox full of over/under qualified submissions. Covalent Careers is a company with an easy to use website that helps match qualified candidates for the job position that you are hiring for. Throughout my 15 years of optical experience I can tell you that I have never used a company that even comes close to the results I have received from Covalent Careers.

The Setup / Job Posting

How can setting up a account be so easy? How can getting the best results be possible? By asking the right questions in a simplest way. Covalent Careers has a really unique way of helping you post a listing for the job position you are hiring for. You simply have to answer a series of questions about the job you wish to fill by using a rating scale. By answering these questions CC does all work for you. No longer do you need to write a job description because Covalent Careers already knows who you are looking for.

Finding / Hiring

Now that your job posting has gone live, CC has already gone to work finding the best possible person for the position by ranking the best of the best that would fit your needs. How can they know who is best fit your job posting you ask? They require the job seeker fill out their own profile that ranks their qualifications based on a scale. Location, hours desired, and qualifications are few of the categories that are ranked. You will also know if the job seeker is willing to relocate and what pay they are desiring. It is so great to have these answers before reaching out to future prospects. Speaking of reaching out to job applicants, Covalent Careers has made this process easy as well. You can simply communicate via text-like messages instead of playing phone tag or bouncing back and forth emails.

My Experience

A little over a month ago I needed to hire a new employee so I decided to give CC a chance. I set up my account and I started to see the results instantly. I saved my favorites and waited to see if I would have any applicants apply to the posting. Within 24 hours I had my first applicant apply. I loved what I saw from the ranking and her resume so decided to bring her in for an interview. She was such a perfect fit that I offered her a position at the end of her first interview and she started immediately. She has been a great fit for our team. I can honestly say that Covalent Careers is the best networking site for bonding optical and job seekers alike. 

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