Attempted Holiday Theft

In light of Sandy Brubaker’s recent article “Bamboozled” (, we have put the staff on higher alert and vigilance, especially with the holidays around the corner.

Recently, a small group came in and gravitated immediately towards our sunglasses. It was late before close and the store was lightly staffed. When I approached to greet the man looking at sunglasses, I was quickly asked by some of the others in the group if they could see frames in our display cases (to lure me away and force me to turn my back to the man looking at sunglasses).

I turned and asked our front counter/receptionist to assist the men. They said they were together and wouldn’t mind me jumping around, but I responded: “Nonsense! She has a great sense of style and will gladly help you pull out frames while I assist your friend with his sunglasses.

One of them pulled out his phone and discretely made a call. Our office phone rang. I turned and said, “Just let it go to voicemail. We can call the patient back after hours, we can assist these gentlemen before we close the doors.” They were obviously not pleased, and they did not stay long.

At this point, you might be asking “but were they really going to steal? Are you sure they weren’t just browsing?” There is that chance. But intuition and the strange circumstances made me think otherwise. We want to believe every customer is an honest person, but some simply are not. Just a word of warning before the holidays, when thieves try to make off with stock during crowded and busy shopping days!

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