On a beautiful Thursday in October, Uptown Eye Care in Monticello, MN, held their 8th Annual Themed Trunk Show.  This year’s theme, Pirates of the Caribbean, was an absolute blast. Risking scurvy, I traveled up to this festive event to discover a wonderful world of pirate adventures. Every decorative detail was displayed in: the clinic, the reception area, exam rooms, children’s area and optical gallery and fun optical displays.

I noticed posters of skeletons, pirate flags, treasure chests, parrots dangling from trees, skulls and more as I strolled throughout the clinic. There was even a dress-up area to go along with their photo screen, where a local professional photographer took photos of clients with a hired Jack Sparrow. Clients were welcome to wear eye patches, wear gold jewelry and pearls, put on fake tattoos and use other props to get their photo taken with a (creepy!) skeleton man draped in red silk.

I was extremely impressed by the team’s participation during this event.  Team members (receptionists, technicians, opticians and doctors) were dressed to impress. With swords, gold jewelry, pirate hats, eye patches and buckled boots, the team energy was evident.

This event (8 am - 6 pm) didn’t lose any steam. Dr. Elaine Happ was sure to keep her team of pirates well fed for the big day, ordering in pizza and snacks and beverages. They decided not to work with any frame reps this year, selling their in-stock frames for 50% off. This will allow them to clear up some board space as they look to bring in fresh product. They did have some assistance from Larry (a local lab rep) of Spectrum. Spectrum provided great discounts for this day to help offset the frame discounts.

Their marketing efforts of mailers and heavy social media exposure, helped to make this a smashing event. Congrats to Uptown Eye Care and your enthusiastic team for making this year’s event a success to remember.

Pull off your next Trunk Show with a fun theme or I may make you walk the plank…

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