An Interesting Prescription

Recently I had an all time high record breaker for my Outside RX "distance prescribing doctor is to the office" contest. I am the only one in the contest so I always win.   
Judge if you must, but I find fun where I can. 
The prescription had similarities to Rx's I read every day, except it was in French. (He was accompanied by his bilingual spouse. I am not bilingual.) The cylinder power and axis were in parentheses. The RX was hand written on preprinted rx pad and the OD was on top but under it was OG. 
Instead of posting a picture of the prescription, because I am not looking for problems with HIPPA, I am posting a picture of one of mystain glass peices. I make art. 
So what's your farthest outside RX?

LabTim SlapnicherComment