Share Your Knowledge [Anthony Gaggi]

As a client begins to ask questions the most frustrating thing is to be put on hold to get an answer. If your staff can answer for you with confidence and conviction you won the client over. Most places hire unqualified help to greet walk ins and show them around but That's where it ends. This way of running a business is very myopic. No pun intended. Your staff should be able to answer questions on lens designs, coating processes, and color palates on frame lines, scheduling, and most other common questions. They should be able to fit frames, take measurements and problem solve to some degree. So next time your staff has to stop you to answer a question they don't know the answer to, take the time and explain it to your employee and not just the client asking. This will make your day less complicated and the flow of business run smooth. So get out there and share your knowledge.

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