The Dirty Optician [Gina Kay]

Like many of you, I like to have fun. Not just at home but at work too. Day after day and year after year I take PD measurements.  Whether it be a high tech pupilometer or an old school PD ruler and flashlight you need these measurements to make an accurate pair of glasses.  Every day, clients ask me about the measurements I am taking and why.
Nothing makes me laugh harder than when someone asks me what a PD is and I tell them it is PENIS DISTANCE!  Or when I ask them to look through the pupilometer and ask the client to focus on the green light and if they see the NAKED LADY I know they are looking in the right spot.  I would say that 100% of the time this gets a huge laugh! Of course we have to retake all the measurements since they client is shaking with laughter!

I have to say, people like a dirty joke with their optical experience. Of course you have to choose your audience. We happen to have a seminary of Basilian Catholic Priests down the street from us and I don’t make the same jokes with them as I do the university students.  We are known in our store for brutal honesty and fun.  Don’t ask me to say I like a frame on your face when it is horrid.  I will tell you what you are wearing makes you look old and that we can do way better. Just last week a VERY handsome man came in to the store and was very stressed out because he had been to absolutely every store in Toronto and could not find a frame that he liked on his face.  I told him right away, “it’s because YOU are SOOOO UGLY that you can’t find a frame. Too bad you aren’t better would be easier!”  It was hilarious and he laughed so hard he cried! No one had ever said anything like that to him before and he loved it.
Although many people enjoy the process of choosing new frames, there are some that need a little cheering up.  I have been told that going to the dentist and having a tooth extracted is more fun that choosing new eyewear.  Well, not on my watch!  After many years I know that there is a tremendous amount of technique and skill in fitting a quality pair of specs but I also know that it can be fun as well. My favourite thing is when clients come back and are excited to choose new eyewear because they know with us they are going to have a ball!
Have fun today and make someone smile!

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