Straight Outta Smokane [Joselle Stumph]

Well what a summer we have had over here in Eastern Washington! 100 degree weather followed by devastating fires and SOOOO much smoke! Our air is finally clearing up and we are able to breath again. 

Here at the office we have had some pretty exciting things happen as well. We brought in the new INFACE line that we love. Small remodeling projects when the Dr is on vacation, and we have been busier than ever which means we had to hire a new employee! We as a group are a strange and very close little family so we were scared to bring someone new into the mix. After months of long days and disappointing applications THE ONE walked in. She has been here for almost a month and we couldn't be happier. Training from scratch is always a little rocky but at least I know she will handle things just as I would. If anyone out there has some great secret training tactics they want to share I would absolutely love them! 

Sad to see another summer go but I know I am looking forward to football season and hoodie weather! GO HAWKS!!!

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