Silmo in Paris [Josie Redmond-Australia]

September for Scoogle
Our store and stock revolves around one show annually. 
It’s Silmo in PARIS.
Not only is it the single time we take a break from the store, but it’s also PARIS – the epicenter of haute culture!! It’s like 2 ideal worlds colliding – Eyewear and Fashion.

Even though Paris is traditionally a conservative city, the inspiration from the atmosphere is enough to keep us going for an entire year. Now that Silmo is in September (previously held in November), it coincides nicely with the Paris Fashion Shows also!! Not to mention the weather is warmer!!

The lead up to Silmo is a long affair for us, as the 24hr flight from Melbourne to Paris requires a lot planning and coordination. The actual travel time door to door is closer to 36hrs, once transfer flights and immigration times are included.

In August and September we start taking stock of where fashion is going and what has been a success in our store. We start booking appointments to see the latest from our trusted suppliers – but also researching the latest of what’s new at the show.  We usually return from Paris exhausted, but it’s all worth it.

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