Live.Shop.Work.LOCAL [Tiffany Welch]

Some patients are driven by the lowest price available, some are driven by quality of products/service offered, others are driven to support local businesses. Of those groups, I feel that pricing and promotion are always a huge topic of conversation in any strategical meeting. But what about the last one, what about the customers that choose to support the small business because they believe in shopping local and growing the local economy? How have we thanked those patrons lately?

I am a huge proponent of the shop local movement and I developed an incentive idea for local shops to work together to promote growth and increase exposure to new clientele. I call this project: Live.Shop.Work.Local. It has yet to be implemented, but the buzz around it has been very positive with many local business owners giving me even more ideas to incorporate. But as it stands, this is a really great cross-industry promotion that I would love to see other cities try to execute as well.

To encourage my clientele to shop locally in the East Hills district of Grand Rapids we ask them to simply bring in a receipt from one (or more) of the pre-selected local stores, showing that they spent at least $100 locally, and we will give them 10% off a complete pair at my optical. The list is complied of stores within walking distance of my optical, and because we've already built working relationships, all of the stores were thrilled with the idea. A few stores even offered to reverse it and offer their patrons a discount if they brought in a receipt from us.

To help patients know which businesses are included, I created a quick-look card that lists the names and addresses of the businesses categorized by type (see picture above). So really, it's a LOW cost (essentially only printing costs), HIGH reward promotion that I would love to see other opticians take and run with!

Could you imagine if this kept growing? What a great way to celebrate the diversity, creativity, and unique services of local businesses!

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