Lights, Camera, Action! [Jen Stevens]

Occasionally we work with local TV stations to do segments that feature our store. Live TV doesn't come natural for me like it does for some people. I get pretty nervous before we start rolling but once we're on the air the interview is over before you know it. I've had a few mishaps on live TV like a demo lens popping out during a demonstration and the anchor dumping over a tray of Mykitas. You never know what is going to happen but you roll with it... and use that as a segwey into showing how durable Mykitas are.

It reminds me of what we do every day as Opticians. Sometimes it feels like you're on live TV when you get in a sticky situation and you just have to "make it work". Whether it be a nylon cord that snaps or a screw that breaks off in a frame we play it cool and grab the tools to fix it with confidence. I think everyone in our field has had a customer in front of them when an "Uh-oh" moment happens but just like an anchor on TV we keep smiling like nothing went wrong.

When you're holding a persons beloved prescription glasses a lot of trust is placed into our hands. Under that kind of pressure we often make the impossible happen and somehow pull a miracle out of nowhere. That is a skill that isn't taught but comes from experience of being put on the spot... lights camera action!


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