Dress for Success [Traci Wyatt]

Dress for success does sound a bit cliche', but I think dressing for success is the first step in being successful.  It shows others that you care enough about you, and in turn, they feel like you will treat them with the same polished sophistication that you exude yourself. 

Imagine walking into a boutique where the music is just right, the people are pleasant and polished, dressed nicely and professionally.  Now, imagine walking into a boutique where music is still just right, the people are still pleasant, but they are wearing very casual clothing, like their next step is the beach or local bar.  You will probably get good service at both locations, but which place do you feel like attention to detail is best?  I feel it is with the person who takes the time to present themselves well.   

As a final note, when I dress up for work, I feel more confident and that shows.  How about you?

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