How I Sell Multiple Pairs [Susan Halstead]

For years, we relied on the doctor to plant the seed about multiple pairs. Being an Optician owned practice, we have transitioned several doctors during the nearly 20 years that I have owned the practice and it goes without saying that some doctors are simply better than others at sales. 

Several years ago, we worked with our lab and they established a discount program for multiple pair purchases. We followed their lead and promote the special as All additional pairs of lenses purchased within 30 days are at 50% off. 

While not all patients take advantage, I am still pleasantly surprised by how many do! 

Patients can use the second pair for computer work, reading glasses, suns or back-ups.

The patients love this deal and are always so excited when they learn about it!

Be sure to check with your lab to see if they offer similar discounts on pricing that you can pass along to your patients!

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