I've been wearing glasses for 40 years and never had a pair fit as well as these [Mark Cubranich]

Although I did learn basic fitting while at the J.Sargent Reynolds Opticianry Degree curriculum in Virginia, the real learning and honing of the skill began after graduation on the job. I was taught by my mother who I worked for for almost 20 years. When I think about it, I would say it took me a good ten years to really be able to fit anyone who walked through the door. It is a craft using tools and bare hands/fingers that need to be trained like a guitarist or pianist trains their hands. Frame selection knowledge as we all know, is critical and helps make the task favorable. There are always challenges especially when the customer wants a certain frame.

This fit was quite a challenge a few years ago. She loves the Silhouette frames and continues to purchase them. Here I prep the bridge fit from memory to save time when she arrives for pickup. She is Vietnamese and has almost no bridge and high cheeks. The nose pads are turned so the bearing surfaces are almost parallel to the lens curve. The pad are moved away from the bridge to allow distance for the lenses to clear her cheeks. It didn't help that she requested 4 mm larger in eye size this time round. It takes time and patience with the reward of a smiling satisfied customer. I can say now it is one of my greatest strengths and sets me apart from many of the rest. I take pride in my ability. When a new customer tells me they never had a pair of glasses fit so well, the payment is beyond any currency on the planet. After taxes of course! 

Now, if I could only fit my own glasses that well...

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