How Weather Affects Business [Jen Stevens]

Colorado is said to have over 300 days of sunshine a year. This year is proving to be very different from the norm. It's been record rainfall, windy thunderstorms and below average temps. These cloudy days aren't exactly what we hope for in a business where sunglasses boom in the summer.

After talking to other local shops we realize it's not just the sunglass business that needs the sun. When I have talked to other owners and managers in town they say if the sun isn't shining they don't meet their numbers. I've also noticed customer and employee attitudes being affected by the weather. You often hear "I think I'll come back when the sun is out". And the topic of conversation between coworkers is usually centered around these dreary days... "Is it ever going to stop raining? I don't remember it being like this last year". Trunk shows aren't as successful and our outdoor events like the farmers market are getting rained out. What can you do to get people out of the funk?

We know providing a great customer experience is always our goal but sometimes you need to pull out some other tricks. We're making sure our lightbulbs are being replaced so we have bright light inside. We occasionally bring out spreads of food on busier days and always have wine or champagne to offer in case someone is so inclined. Even offering a glass of water helps customers feel more comfortable and encourages them to stay in the store. I've also talked to some florists about co-op ideas with bouquets in our store and their business card attached to the vase.

Bottom line is that no one really wants to walk around in the cold rain, especially in a town that doesn't have parking in front of their business. The best we can do is make our store as warm and inviting as possible... and sometimes a little booze to cheer them up doesn't hurt either. #drinkwinebuyglasses

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