An eye for art [Lindy Faulkner]

At Eclectic Eye our owners value local artists and want to support them, while also providing a space to showcase their talent. We feature a different local artist every six weeks and provide an art opening to invite their friends, family and fans.  Because of this our store always has a fresh feel. The colors and the themes are constantly changing, just like trends and colors of frames do as well.  Featuring local art also brings new faces into the shop and allows us to show what we do to people that might not stop in otherwise.

Our store also features a piece of permanent local art just outside. The sculpture comes from local artist Yvonne Bobo. This vibrant orange rotating piece moves with the wind and really gives our store’s façade something extra! 

Our most recent artistic addition comes in the form of a vibrant mural on one of the external walls near the parking lot. Murals are going up everywhere in Memphis and really speak to the creative culture alive in our city. Noteworthy muralist Birdcap aka Michael Roy put together a beautiful piece that has attracted media and customer attention, but, most importantly, adds even more local personality to our dispensary. 

The beautiful frames we offer at Eclectic Eye are pieces of art that are meant to be worn and loved. The relationship the store has with local artists only makes sense and enriches the experience of shopping for the perfect frame. 

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