How I Got Into the Optical Biz [Gina Kay]

They say you are either born in to the optical business or crazy. Personally, I was born in to it but I suppose you have to be crazy to stay a part of it! My father, Dr. Gerald Dressler, has been practicing optometry for 60 years. He still works 6 days a week and has a large practice on the Canadian prairie in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. My brother and sisters and I started very young stuffing his recall letters and licking envelopes when we were in grade school. Since then, all of us have worked in his optometric office, our own lab, accounting office, travelled around the world on buying trips and in our retail dispensaries. 4 of 5 of my siblings are opticians and 1 is a lawyer. Someone has to do the legal work!! I am 46 years old and have being in the industry for 33 years. I live in Toronto and run our downtown store with my sister. We have been in business at this location for 32 years. Between us, we have more than 60 years of optical experience. With this experience we have a ton of stories about working with family and our unbelievable clientele. 

Everyday, something happens that is hilarious, maddening or crazy. AND WE LOVE IT. Everyday challenges of keeping relevant and fighting on line retailers have given me renewed passion. It is paying off. We have been busier than ever putting everything we have in to our store. Blood sweat and tears with a lot of laughs. I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you who share my passion for eyewear. Stay tuned for my next blog with a working title of..."The Dirty Optician", where I discuss how and why dirty jokes and sex help sell eyewear.

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