Recommendations from the Doctor [Alex Bennett]

Let’s face it: when it comes to advising a patient about lens options, the patient will trust the doctors’ advice above all else. During the exam, they have had a dialogue about their change in vision, and have the ability to make recommendations before you even see the patient! This makes it so important to have the doctors and opticians on the same page about the products being recommended.

Our doctors like to sit down with the optical team once per quarter to discuss their recommendations and learn about new products. Our optometrists individually recommend their preferred products, but it’s always a talking point once the patient reaches an optician. They beat us to the punch by asking: “The doctor recommended a Nikon brand of progressive lens. Will that limit my frame choice?” – this starts a dialogue about lenses before we even select a frame. Plus it helps them narrow down their best options based on their conversation with the doctor. This makes our job a little easier, and it also makes the patient less overwhelmed by the multitude of lens brands and options.

There are always follow-up questions that need to be addressed by a skilled optician, like the best hi-index lens based upon prescription, the differences between progressive lens designs, and anti-reflective options. But this is our time to shine and flex our product knowledge! It also allows us to maximize our time with the patient, and even present options the doctor didn’t tell the patient about. But hopefully they’re already asking us about their options for office lenses or prescription sunglasses. Thanks Doc!!

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