Summer Time Blues [Johnna Dukes]

Ain’t no time for the summer time blues, hmmm, I disagree… Blue is the must wear color for this season, personally this one is a no-brainer where I live and work as we are a resort community built around a lake! When we say to our patients that the blue reminds me of how blue the lake is, they totally understand what we are feeling! What’s great about blue is it is actually very versatile, it can be worn with brown, white, denim, and all the pastels. Let’s not forget that Blue is a color that most men actually wear well also! Blue is not just for our little older ladies anymore! I know I’ve been loving the new shades of blue for this season, I’ve recently ordered two pairs of ophthalmic frames that are predominantly blue and even this foxy sunwear piece by Bobbi Brown. (Gorgeous, right?) Haven’t given blue a chance yet? Check it out, you just might like it! :)

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