The Doctor Is On Vacation: What Will Staff Do? [Susan Halstead]

We are a well established practiced and are fortunate to remain evenly booked throughout the year. The problem arises when our doctor takes a vacation. Typically we can book a fill in doctor one or two days of the vacationing doctor's week. 

It is helpful if some of the staff opt to vacation at the same time but then what?

I enjoy using the quiet time to reconnect with staff and brainstorm with them about marketing ideas, examine new frame and sunglass lines together, reorganizing and cleaning anything and everything that we can.

I try to look at the talents of my current staff and encourage them to tell me what special projects or tasks they would like to undertake.

Giving the staff a choice and working together in a different way creates a feeling of ownership and camaraderie.

Jen is an apprentice Optician who has worked at the practice for several years, she also happens to be an excellent painter. Jen suggested she use the vacation week to add a new color to the outside of our building and to touch up the trim. She did a great job and it looks amazing. I didn't even realize how much touch up was needed!

Shannon wanted to change our stock lens cabinet to a more convenient storage system and spent one day in the lab changing the lenses over. Everyone was much happier with her new organizational method!

If you ask staff, they are likely to come up with some surprising suggestions!

Happy summer!

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