Part 1 [Jim Green]

You've got wonky teeth, your going to the dentist for work experience, your Dads a bricky so you should learn that skill, you've got bottle bottom glasses so go and learn about eyes at the Optician. That's where it began, after spending most of my childhood in and out of my local independent optician I was now going to spend 10 days working at Boots Opticians. 
After 10 days of working with customers and learning about glazing and back office in a multinational set up I was hooked, and I must have made an impression as they only went and offered me a weekend job, one catch I was only 15 at the time, so I had to wait until I was 16, a whole 10 months away, I must have been keen as my 16th birthday came along and it fell on a Saturday, which I have orchestrated would be my first day of work, what a 16th birthday, all day on a Saturday spent in an in store Opticians, without any windows, this was the life: Rock and roll!!
Over the next 5 i didn't really know what I wanted, so I studied for my A levels in the time I was at work I spent time learning how to 'talk' to patients as this seemed to be something that needed special training, but just having a chat was my angle and being interested, just like talking with your Gran, now Worthing is based in the South East of England and had got a name for itself as being a great retirement town, in fact the council had to stop allowing planning permission for new nursing homes, as the market was saturated, business was booming for funeral directors and surprising Opticians, the town had was fondly known as ' heavens waiting room', so literally every dispense  was like having a chat with your Nan, time was spent understanding the products on offer, and dispensing the best products for the patients needs, it seemed so logical, but it appears I was in the minority. I must had made an impression again as at the time Boots believed that future was with professional staff and they were sponsoring students to attend the the Diploma in Dispensing  Ophthalmic Lenses in The city of London was where my academic studies began.....

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