To Sell Is To Solve Problems [Daniel Brunson]

You are in sales. It is true that your product is a medical device with a prescription lens, but that device must be presented to and eventually sold to your patient or client.  

There is a good way to do sales and a bad way. The good sales person will always help his or her client find the best product to suit their needs. The good sales person does not simply sell the most expensive product available. The good way produces steady long-term success, while the bad way only produces temporary gains in the short term without any real long-term growth.         

It is important to understand that people do not want to be sold. They want a solution to a problem or imbalance somewhere in their life. Your clients come to you with a new prescription and an old pair of glasses. Their imbalance is that they currently do not see as well as they should, and they are wearing old frames that need to be updated.

It is your job as their optician to help them make an informed decision about the latest lens technology and frame styles that compliment their face and personality. This is why I believe it is important to approach your clients with the heart of a teacher. In order to be a good teacher one must have a thorough understanding of their product.   

The late, great Zig Zigler said in his book “Selling 101,” that one of the keys to sales success is to have product knowledge about your product or service. He asks the question “How can we have enthusiasm for something about which we have little or no knowledge?” 

So what does it mean for you to have product knowledge? It means it is important to constantly study the latest in frame design and lens technology. It is time to become an expert in your field.  Find out how the eyewear you carry is made and how the digital lenses you dispense are manufactured to provide better optics. Be able to explain the benefits of titanium frames as opposed to other materials. Study how the various sport lens tints will benefit your clients in different situations such as wearing high contrast greens for golf or reds for cycling.

Having product knowledge allows you to ask the right questions to find out how you can correct the imbalance. You can provide the solution and ultimately make the sale. Selling done right produces happy clients that will return to you for your expertise. Being an expert problem solver is more important than ever in the hyper competitive marketplace we all live in today. 

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