To Package Price or Not to Package Price....that is the question..... [Tracy Mast]

Lately I've been tossing around the idea with my super cool optical peeps and Docs about possibly doing some package pricing. I personally think there are pros & cons to each side of the debate. 


  • Easier to teach new optical babies
  • Easier for patients to understand what they're getting
  • If presented correctly allows patients to see options for themselves and not be overwhelmed by an excited optician explaining every transition type, crizal no-glare and material choice to them.
  • Easier to figure out (with self pay patients) total dollar amounts


  • Can make opticians lazy by making them feel they don't need to have a 'needs based' conversation with each patient, and use a 'menu' instead of education.
  • Can make patients think their only options are the main ones listed on the 'menu'

I'm personally pondering not a single pair package pricing but doing it with multiple pairs to see if it would make the value of multiple pair discounts stand out to patients and encourage that back up pair, or sunglasses for UV protection, or even an office get my point.

My question to everyone who comes along this is: What's your opinion?

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