Essential gear – sport specific eyewear. [Alexander Bennett]

It’s summertime! I don’t know anyone who isn’t excited to get outside and soak in some rays, whether lounging around or playing your favorite sports. In the Mile High city of Denver, Colorado, the parks are filled with people running, cycling and playing team sports. Golfers are hitting the courses from dawn until dusk. Hikers are trekking their way up mountains, climbers are scaling rock walls and shooters are practicing for hunting season. If you can’t get enough of the snow, there are plenty of glaciers to ski if you’re willing to hike them. And yes, I’ve been snowboarding on the 4th of July!

That being said, we’ve been seeing a spike in sport specific eyewear ales this summer. Often overlooked, sports eyewear is an essential piece of gear, just like my running shorts and shoes, or my climbing harness and helmet. My go-to pair of sport sunglasses are my Rudy Project Rydon. I love selling these glasses! There are so many reasons to love this particular pair, but when I’m selling them, I like to focus on 3 specific points. First, the lenses are absolutely amazing! They are interchangeable depending on light conditions, but they’re perfect for the contact lens wearer who also wants to have a prescription option in the same frame (I love this feature!). Second, comfort: user friendly and adjustable on the fly to integrate with a helmet, hat or sweatband. Third, they have an unparalleled warranty on their products: 3 years on the frame, LIFETIME ON PLANO LENSES. No, that is no typo!! And I have to add that Rudy Project has the best customer service in the industry. Period.

Sunglasses, while essential to filtering harmful UV at high altitude and providing better vision, also ensure that I perform at my absolute best. These sunglasses not only look cool, but are designed with safety in mind from the lenses to the frame. Forget the old rec goggles, Rudy Project frames are as stylish as they are functional. And after owning three Oakley’s, two Smith’s and some Von Zipper’s, I have been a dedicated Rudy Project fan for over 3 years, more than 1000 miles of running, and countless vertical feet. If you haven’t seen them, you need to check them out!

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