Slow Down [Tracy Mast]

As the Optical Coordinator in my corner of the optical world I do quite a bit of training. This being said I've purposely taken quite a few CE's on team management, and read several leadership books. There is one main thing I'd like to be sure all the optical Jedi's out there encourage their young Padawan learners to do....slow down!!

One of the best things we can provide to help our new peeps develop into amazing opticians is to teach accuracy and a system that forces them to double check all their information before finalizing an order, or ringing up the $$'s natural for them to feel the stress of being new at something, and to want to rush through it, but, I try to always tell my 'Optical Babies' that speed will always come with time, but accuracy has to start from the beginning. That being said make sure that you're also providing an environment that they are not scrutinized for their mistakes (because they will always make them) but use it as a learning experience so they won't forget it. Teach them how to fix it, how to make sure it doesn't happen again and above all encourage them to keep going. We've all made our fair share of these mishaps, and, to be truthful I personally wouldn't be the optician I am today had it not been for some of the mistakes I've made.

As a the local 'Optical Mommy' I check over pretty much everything they do until they have no mistakes for some time. Even after that I always let them know to just ask. After all, it's easier to do it right the first time than clean the mess up later!

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