#RealTalk [Tim Slapnicher]

Your frame buyer invests in a new line of frames to display in your optical gallery joining 11 additional frame lines at your boutique. The frame buyer spends time with the rep learning all about this exquisite new line and even gets the opportunity to flip these fashionable styles. Not everyone has time to meet with the rep but you hear how amazing these new frames are.

You are around when the shipment comes in. You pry open the cardboard mailing box and take them out of the not-so-sexy plastic bags and add them to your inventory system. You get them sorted out, stash the cases and display them nicely with the provided POP materials. They are indeed beautiful frames, but you don't have time to look them over because a handful of clients just walked in to check out your boutique. They discover your fresh new display and start trying them on. What are you going to say about this new collection?

Your entire team (even beyond the opticians and frame buyers) should know all about your frames and lenses, even before they arrive at your optical. Solution: consider creating a Summer Brand Book as a tool to help introduce/educate your team to the products you carry.

Example framework

A big thanks to Tiffany Welch, Holly Forstad & industry websites for some key lingo.

Explain why you’re providing a Brand Book

Understanding the brands in our optical gallery creates a better, more in-depth experience for our patients. Knowing and being able to communicate the brand stories of each eyewear collection we stock in our gallery is important as we strive to differentiate and separate our optical from the competition.

We’ll explore a variety of talking points for each brand in order to translate the value to our patients.

In this mini-Brand Book, we’ll also share a few key phrases you may utilize with patients that will provide you more confidence to talk about eyewear. This will also put you in charge of the eyewear selection process and will establish trust in your competency and knowledge of the optical industry.

Introduce your lens brands to your team

Consider this to be an opening question for a focused conversation on lenses:

How do you use your eyes throughout the day?

(your team may agree on another opener that suits your optical...go for it!...just make sure to be on the same page)

Overall lens philosophy

We offer you the thinnest, lightest, most impact and scratch resistant lenses with superior optical qualities to give you your best vision possible.

Reassure the patient

  • We offer the latest technology in digital & personalized lens designs
  • We take the time and care to give you the vision you deserve
  • You will be getting the latest and greatest for your eyes
  • We provide you with your best vision possible

Ease into some basic frame-talk

Clutch short phrases…what look are your clients going for?

  • Minimalist styling
  • Impeccable craftsmanship
  • Innovative eyewear designs
  • Iconic eyewear
  • Timeless styles
  • Bold and colorful designs
  • Intelligent, savvy and practical
  • Clean design and enduring quality
  • Color accents
  • Quality and sensible style
  • Lightweight comfort, beauty and precision
  • Unique and diverse collection
  • Blends style & bold color, yet very elegant
  • Casually cool eyewear
  • These come off as discreetly sensual

Offer in-depth phrases to explain eyewear to your clients

#RealTalk that sounds more upscale than "cute".

  • This eyewear is unique in style & created from the highest quality materials
  • You’ll love our fabulous but wearable styles that are simply spectacular
  • This line draws inspiration from modern art, architecture and contemporary design
  • These are designed in pursuit of comfort, luxury, elegance and purity
  • Our frames enhance your individuality
  • These make a statement and leave an impression
  • They express joy & personality, life & passion
  • They have a twist of color with unexpected details
  • This line is classic & elegant with a touch of whimsy and an element of surprise
  • They give a refined downtown aesthetic
  • Innovative eyewear devoted to high-end fashion with affordable prices

And now for the good stuff…Eyewear Brands!

GOAL: Combine 2-3 short/long phrases (from above) for each brand along with their verbiage. Each brand should have their own page in your book.

Individual team members might be in charge of 1-3 brands establishing themselves as in-house experts. They may consider using eyewear or lens websites for brand phrases utilizing the "history" part of those websites. Each team member presents a paragraph or so explaining the history of the brand and preferred verbiage--teaching your team all about the brands during a team meeting. *Bonus points* for inviting in a rep to tell their version of the history and stories to your entire team!


Put all the pages (introductory, frame-talk, lens-talk, and brand stories) together to create your 2015 Summer Brand Book. Make enough copies for everyone on your team to study and perfect so they are ready to share these stories with your clients.


Stories sell and reinforce competency. Make sure you know the stories of all of your products. Giving team members ownership to research and teach others about your brands is powerful and will support buy-in for the Brand Book. When that shipment arrives and you display them for the world to see, make sure you are prepared for some #realtalk with your brands.

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