Walking Whispers [Tim Slapnicher]

Have you ever walked into an optical and wonder what in the world was going on?! You know, it's when you enter a room and everything gets super quiet all of a sudden, you hear a trail of whispers and know immediately that something tense is happening? Ah, yes, the awkward and gossipy office culture...ick! I observe this more often than I'd like while visiting different opticals...and always wonder why this is all too common.

I'm of the philosophy that life is too short for this. Opticians have an amazing job...the optical should be a happenin' place, with lots of buzz and laughter. Clients should feel like they're missing out if they don't do business with you. A toxic culture destroys that, though. If you're a part of a culture that is super negative, here are a few things to consider...

Take Care.

That was the rule my classroom of kindergarteners bought into when I was a teacher. Instead of focusing on the negatives (no running, stop talking, stop pulling her hair, don't throw markers at me, etc), we focused on a few positives in order to learn in harmony. 

Take Care of Yourself
Take Care of Your Friends
Take Care of Your School

This "Take Care" umbrella actually covered most situations for the 5 & 6 year olds. Of course, this is all elementary (see what I did there?) and working professionals need more than an "I love you, you love me" Barney environment in a thriving place of business. But, what if you made things a little easier, instead of focusing on the negative all the time:

Take Care of Your Patients
Take Care of Your Optical
Take Care of Your Team
Take Care of Your Growth

Will that "Take Care" umbrella solve all of the small problems that you come across on a daily basis? Will it make your team member show up on time? Will it make your doctor stop grumbling in front of you? Who knows...

Simplify your culture (K.I.S.S...Keep It Simple, Silly) and focus on the big picture. If you're focused on your team, your optical, your patients, and your growth, there won't be too much time to fall into the trap of the Walking Whispers. Life is short. #begreat

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