The Importance of Lifestyle Questionnaires [Katie Lauver]

Knowing your patients lifestyle is a key part of having the perfect optical experience. Having a questionnaire that assess your patients everyday life is important, and can help you to make the right decision when choosing your frame and lens design.

The lifestyle questionnaire does not need to be in-depth. Most patients already have to fill out pages of paper work just to get them into your record system, so adding one more page can sometimes seem like a pain. Making your questionnaire short and sweet with some general questions about their day-to-day life will ensure that you have a winning optical experience.

You want to ask questions such as: how many hours a day do you spend on the computer? Or what type of activities do you enjoy? Ask the patient how many hours a week they spend outside, and what their career is. These simple questions can help gear your optical conversation and make it easier to choose the right types of frames and lenses. If you don’t ask these simple questions, you may have missed an opportunity to sell a second or third pair of glasses.

If a patient describes that they are on the computer for eight hours a day, you definitely want to talk to them about BluTech lenses, and if needed, an office progressive. This can be their occupational pair that they use when in the office to give them perfect vision for intermediate and near, but in addition, will protect their eyes from the harmful blue light that is emitted from the computer screen. If they tell you that they spend an ample amount of time outside, you can then help them purchase a pair of polarized sunglasses to help them reduce glare and increase performance. If you have an avid golfer, don’t forget about Shamir’s new golf lenses! No matter what your patient is doing, I promise you, there are glasses to increase their vision, performance, comfort, and style!

When you use a lifestyle questionnaire the opportunity for sales is endless. Make it fun, get excited with the patient, and let your optical talent shine! People love to be fashionable and have perfect clarity no matter what they are doing. If we have 20 pairs of shoes, why do we only have one pair of glasses? Ask questions and watch the amount of sales in your office increase, and your patient base become happier and more fulfilled. 

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