The never ending 'To Do' List.... [Tracy Mast]

I am the optical coordinator for all three of our locations in Southwest Michigan. That being said I feel like I have an endless to do list. At first when I gained the extra responsibilities it was a little overwhelming, but over time I've come to form a loose system to help me cope with 'The List' and move efficiently toward it. 

First I have a list that I randomly write things down on as I think of them or they come up, this is a crazy page that to most looks like ramblings of a madwoman....and to honest at times they may be. As I get time I go though this list and comprise more lists from it, like one for my team that I can delegate things to so they can reference it during their downtime. (I should also add my team is AMAZING, and I couldn't be half the coordinator I am without them!!) Then there's a list of ideas for our marketing and social media campaigns we do, as well as other things we tie that into like email newsletters, sign posts, etc. Lastly I make my 'Priority List' this is my main list, this is the list I base my spare time schedule, if you will, off of. I take this list and post it at my workstation in the lab. This list is comprised of tasks such as updating the price sheets and prices in our software. Keeping track of deadlines for upcoming contests and events in our marketing, and even keeping track of which venders I've contacted or need to contact about upcoming trunk shows, or other urgent tasks the doctors have delegated to me. By doing this I not only can keep track of what I need to focus on, but have the awesome gratification of crossing things off, which is a mental dance party as I get to do it! 

As I finish up my Priority Lists I can then go back to some of the nagging 'little' things that can really add up. Getting to these make some of the greatest days in my opinion, because, for me, getting a ton of the 'little' things done in a week can really make you feel so much more relaxed going into the weekend, and as much as I love my job what makes it fill me up instead of wearing me out is this little bit of organization that allows me to stay on track, get things done so I can relax on the days I get off. And for me THAT's priceless!

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