One of those days [Sandy Brubaker]

Recently I took a phone call from a patient who was extremely upset because her insurance denied coverage for her lenses. Time to time we must deal with patients who are angry and unable to move forward. (In my family we would say their feelings are coming out sideways. In this case it was disappointment coming out sideways.) On those rare occasions when we do need to diffuse a situation, I would like to share my position on how to get through it and perhaps even grow.

  • I make a conscience effort to actively listen and keep myself present in the moment.
  • I try to listen more than talk, folks need to feel heard
  • To insure I have accurate documentation, I take detailed notes of the conversation.  
  • If I make a mistake, I apologize with a plan towards the best solution. 
  • And I do NOT take it personally. This is a job. Not everything is about me. 
  • I believe each tense situation I negotiate I am strengthening my communication skills, a craft I work on daily. Somedays it's a more arduous task than others. 
For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.

— Walter Scott

Special Thank You to my daughter, Tristina Farmer, for the photo.

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