April Fools!! [Andrew Bruce]

As a manager, it is a great feeling when your staff do something special for you. On that topic, I would like to share my story of the "April Fools" prank my staff pulled on me this year.

Let me pre-empt this by informing you that I am probably one of the least observant people there are...

Having just returned from lunch, the afternoon continues as normal. Approximately 2 hours later, (as I said, I am very unobservant), I am in the middle of a very deep discussion with a patient when my eye suddenly catches a glimpse of an 8x10 photo of my father and I on top of a display cabinet! I am very confused and try to continue with my train of thought and discussion while, at the same time, trying to silently make sense out of the appearance of my photo. Suddenly, I looked around to other areas of the dispensary to find a variety of 5x7 and 8x10 photos of my visage everywhere! The display photo of every counter card had been replaced with photos printed from my Facebook page - pictures of my family and me, even pictures of my pet pot-bellied pig, Rosie! I was finally unable to maintain my focus and started laughing, obviously explaining to my patients what had now become apparent - I had been "April Fooled!" Now my staff emerged from the shadows, laughing hysterically, very proud of their prank!

My patients found it very funny, also, and mentioned that they had wondered why there were photos of me throughout the dispensary! Even at the end of the day, while filling and straightening up the frame boards for the next day, I was still finding more and more photos that were discretely hidden amongst the frames. Apparently, my staff had been working on this for over a month, collecting cardboard boxes from shipments to use as backing supports for the photos.

I feel very blessed to have a team of employees who would put so much thought, effort, and planning in to such a fun gesture. What a great "April Fools" prank; I will definitely remember it for many years to come.

To top it all, they completed the gesture by giving me my own, personal "Sheldon-style Bazinga" button from "The Big Bang Theory."

Although management may present challenges along the way, it also comes with many rewards; this was one of the many priceless rewards. 

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