Inspire [LaRae Fischer]

Every now and then I like to spice things up in optical and make things a little more fun and exciting for my team.  I usually do this by creating a goal and making a game out of it, after all who doesn't like a good game?   At the end of our journey a reward is waiting when we reach our goal.  I like to keep the games focused on increasing revenue, correct a weakness we may have or focusing on opportunities we may be missing.
To get started we first determine in what area do we want to focus.  In the past we have focused on increasing the AR percentage, transitions, increasing sunglass sales, increasing multiple pairs, increasing the average sale, remake percentage, BluTech sales and polarization. This game is not just to improve performance for the month it is to change habits and the routine we sometimes find ourselves in.
Next we need to come up with a theme. Not just any theme, a catchy theme. Last month our theme was "Topping it off with Sunglasses". Guess what our goal was last month? We have also used "The Future's so Bright we Gotta Sell Shades". Pretty catchy if you ask me.
After setting what the goal is we need to estimate the benefit. How much will this increase revenue, what benefit does it have for the patient and so on. This is a good time to also give tips on what we can do to change what we are currently doing so we will have a different outcome at the end of our journey with the game. We also determine the time frame of how long the game will last and what the reward will be if we reach the desired goal.
To keep track of where we are with our goal we have a scoreboard. We don't just use any old thing for a scoreboard. We come up with a scoreboard that matches our "catchy theme". Catchy themes need just as catchy scoreboards. Last month to match our theme of "Topping it off with Sunglasses" we built a pizza. You will never guess what the reward was if we reached our goal. If you guessed Pizza Party you are correct. The theme, the scoreboard and the reward all tie in together.
Every time we sold a pair of sunglasses a piece of the pizza was put in the pan. We had four pieces of each to apply to our pizza: crust, sauce, cheese, pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and broccoli. We saved the broccoli for last. I don't think with our games it is so much about getting the reward at the end as it is about being able to assemble the scoreboard. I think our inner child comes out in all of us. It's just like in elementary school when you could apply a gold star by your name because you did something good. The same feeling comes over you when you put your topping on the pizza.  
I learned early on that the game you create should definitely be a team effort. Having individual games and having opticians go against one another usually leaves someone with some hurt feelings. Working as a team is going to be the most rewarding.
The games don't have to be limited to the optical team, every department can have their own game or a game that the entire office works together towards a goal. Some of the games the receptionist could focus on is exams booked, no-show %, % pre-appointed, screening photos and family exams. Tech's could do patient wait time, contact lens sales, annual supply sales, dry eye tests and dry eye products.
Have fun and enjoy the game!

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