"So you...umm, wanna buy glasses?" [David Butler]

I was in my optical gallery the other day and over heard one of my optician co-worker asked that question to a patient. The patient replied, "Well ummm, I dunno. The Doctor said my prescription hasn't changed much. So naw, not this time. Um yeah, umm, can I get my prescription?"

At the time I was with a Patient having a great conversation about the exciting multiple pair she was purchasing to build up her eyeglass wardrobe. I cringed secretly inside and let out a internal mental scream! "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" 

You see, that's why patients come to our offices to better their optical needs. If there are any right questions to ask you should ask patients detailed Lifestyle questions. With lifestyle questions it will enable you to select the best lens options. I mean one pair of glasses can't be ALL things to all people. Right? As an Optician we need to fully understand the patient's lifestyle to provide the vision each patient needs to live an comfortable life. We are the optical experts! Educate your patients about the various lens options. How will they know if we don't educate our patients. These are the things we should do to show that we truly care about our patient's vision. People don't want to know what you know until they know that you care. Ask the right questions. We are the Optical Experts.....

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