The Importance Of Social Media [Katie Lauver]

Meet Tia! Our stylish, office kitty. Tia is the queen bee of the office, and greets all of our patients with a meow and leg rub. She give our office character and is one of the stars of our Facebook page! Tia makes our online followers swoon and they love every time she makes an appearance on our page! 

Social media is all around us. Whether your blogging, running a website, hosting a Facebook page, tweeting on your Twitter, posting on Instagram or all of the above; social media fuels our businesses. It's what keeps people on edge, waiting for the next big thing a company is going to release or showcase. With social media becoming the main way we communicate, it's important to post catchy and inspiring ideas that will keep your "fans" coming back for more! 

To have a great social media following, you want to be sure to do 4 things: inspire, connect, educate, and entertain. You want to be able to post content that will inspire your followers so they keep coming back for more. You want to connect with them by posting topics that are real and hit home for the reader, so they feel as though you are talking to them and not just the masses. You want to educate your "fans" so that they can learn more about products and services you offer and why they are important, and lastly, you want to entertain your crowd.  

Be funny. Post about fun office outings. Post when a patient gets a new pair of amazing glasses. Share your staff's personal life if their willing, and promote fellow businesses in your area! All of these things will help drive people to your page and keep your "likes" and "followers" flowing in.  Take a tip from Tia; put on a pair of frames, snap a pic, and post! 

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