Winner, winner… [Dawn Myrtle]

As everyone in the optical industry knows, the 2015 Vision Expo East just happened at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. I did attend exhibition only this year, and made a stop at the Hilco booth to say hi to our friends at Advance Optical (one of our labs.)

While there, Lisa DeMarco asked me if I’d like to listen to a short presentation from the Hilco rep, and in return, I would be entered into a raffle for a Leader Sports Frames display, fully loaded. I agreed, and long story shorter, won the raffle! YAY! 

A couple of days ago, the display arrived, and with it, a half dozen of the new(ish) C2 Rx Sports Goggles. If you haven’t seen these yet, they’re actually a pretty cool upgrade from the older styles. They’ve got a wider view than the T-Zone and Jam’n, because of a little cutout temporally. They call them “V Ports.” The really fun thing about them, though, is that they’re customizable—they come in variety of chassis colors, and can be ordered with custom accent colors and numbers/letters to match school or team colors. I don’t know about you, but one of the huge issues I run into with getting kids to buy into wearing sports protection is that they look, if we’re being honest, a bit dorky. Any little feature that makes them WANT to wear them is a vast improvement in my book, and my feeling is that having so many choices will make kids a little more excited about them. I know I am!  So, I just wanted to thank Lisa, Advance and Hilco again. This display is really awesome!

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