The Honey Badger [Tracy Mast]

Here we have the Honey Badger in her natural environment. Look at her just billing insurance, she's not going to take their nonsense denials, Honey Badger don't care, she'll read back their manuals to the companies to let them see it's their mistake not hers, she don't care....

All jokes aside this is our insurance biller, she's amazing. If every office had a honey badger they'd lover her as much as we do. She truly fights for us and our patients day in and out, to be sure everything is covered as it should be.  Nothing intimidates her, she's super calm, even when a certain optician may do a fee slip wrong (yes, this may be me...) she helps me correct any errors, and double checks every claim that goes out. There's not a day she's not the shake to my bake. Because in any office the optician can stock as much cool, funky and quality goods they want, and the doctor can be the best there is, but it's the insurance biller that is the key ingredient to be sure you're going to get the money back you deserve. So to all the honey badgers out there Thank You!

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