Opticianry On The Move [Maggie Sayers]

I recently reported on the roll out of the Refraction by Opticians for Opticians educational program at the OAA Leadership meeting in Las Vegas. And things are moving. Last weekend, March 1, 2015, the Board of Directors for the Professional Opticians of Florida (POF) decided to present the 20hr education program in a Beta Test. Opticianry is on the Move!!

Who is the program for?

Refraction for Opticians is designed for the progressive optician who believes that we need to expand our skill set to participate in the bright future of eye care. The requirement to take the course is ABO and/or NCLE certification and/or a State license.

How does it work?

In Florida, the first 2 hour module will be presented at the West Coast Better Vision convention in early June. It will illuminate the role refraction has played in the past, how it works presently, and how technology advancements will change the future. With these changes come new opportunities for progressive opticians. Understanding and analyzing refractions and communicating with the patient and other eye care professionals will be key to future success.

The next 4 modules will be offered as online education delivered in webinars:

  • Bending light with lenses

  • Prescription Eyewear Analysis

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye

  • Introduction of the Virtual Phoropter

The hands-on workshops on Retinoscopy, Refraction 1 and 2, and Refinement Techniques, are taught in a classroom setting. In Florida this will happen at the Summer Showcase convention early August. A certificate of completion will be issued after passing the final exam and a group coaching session will explore how to implement the new skill set in the workplace.

What are the Learning Outcomes?

  • Performing detailed Rx Analysis

  • Understanding Refraction, changes in Refraction, Add powers

  • Realizing the value of documentation

  • Learning the basic elements of Refraction

  • Communicating with patients and other ECPs

Stay tuned for further development. For now, we are taking the first step to allow opticians to reclaim their glory in the eye care delivery system. Our vision is to make Refraction for Opticians available nationwide.

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