Annual Snowman Contest [Tracy Mast]

For Three years now Buchanan has had this awesome little winter festival called Thrill on the Hill, we have a giant hill that is the main road into town that we close, cover with snow, build a ramp and families get to buy wristbands and tube down it all weekend.  Now this road closing also closes our main entrance into Smoke Vision Care, and the big ramp is literally built right in front of our office. Most business owners may be irritated, but our Doctors are born & raised Michigan, in fact Dr. Brenda Smoke is a Yooper (for those of you not sure, that means she's from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) so a winter festival in our front yard is viewed as one of our biggest opportunities to show Buchanan some love! Every year we host a snowman building contest with 2 categories, Friends & Family that can win an awesome prize basket filled to the brim with UV400 sunglasses for the family, along with golf shirts, visors, eyeglasses cleaners, contact lens cute travel cases, etc. The second category is Non-Profit. For this winner we donate $150 to their Non-Profit and with the attention gained we hope it helps them raise more awareness.  During this contest for the last two years we have also added 'S'mores for Sight' we assemble s'mores kits and for a donation they can make them in the little fire pit we put out on our front porch area of the office. All the proceeds' go to our local Lions Club for their sight fund to help people in our own community get the eye care they need. This year we raised almost $200! Now this is all fun, but the best part is watching the kids and families, firefighters, police officers, teachers, etc slide down the ramp, and then come visit on our porch area. Little things like this are what truly fill my cup. Our community is spectacular, and I'm happy we get to be apart of it because in these little and big towns each of our offices are located in it's the community that keeps us open, these patients are what makes all this possible and to give some smiles back like this makes it so much better. I challenge everyone who reads this to find something, even small to show your community some love, it pays off, I promise!

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